EULIS / ERA-EDTA joint session: Risk of chronic kidney disease in stone patients

Plenary session 12

  • Location:
    Lehar 1-3
  • Chairs:
     G. Gambaro, Rome (IT)
     K. Sarica, Istanbul (TR)
EULIS / ERA-EDTA: Risk of chronic kidney disease in stone patients
Epidemiology of CKD in stone formers
 P.M. Ferraro, Rome (IT)
Urology treatments and renal damage
 A. Trinchieri, Lecco (IT)
Struvite stones: How to treat, how to prevent
 C. Türk, Vienna (AT)
Cystinuria and chronic kidney disease
 Z. Kikic, Vienna (AT)
ERA/EDTA lecture: Medical management of primary and secondary hyperoxaluria
 R.J. Unwin, London (GB)
Nephrolithiasis and polycystic kidney disease
 E. Letavernier, Paris (FR)
ERA/EDTA lecture: Metabolic diagnosis and medical prevention of Ca nephrolithiasis
 G. Gambaro, Rome (IT)
Current aspects of dietary treatment in urinary stone disease
 R. Siener, Bonn (DE)
Metabolic disorders: Stones as first clinical manifestation of significant diseases
 J.P. Haymann, Paris (FR)
Metabolic challenges: Clinical cases to be discussed by expert panel
 N.N-P. Buchholz, Dubai (AE)
 G. Gambaro, Rome (IT)
 A. Skolarikos, Athens (GR)
 R.J. Unwin, London (GB)
Best poster clinical/Best poster experimental
 K. Sarica, Istanbul (TR)
 C.C. Seitz, Vienna (AT)
Final remarks
 K. Sarica, Istanbul (TR)
 C.C. Seitz, Vienna (AT)