Live surgery 1

Plenary session 01

  • Location:
    Lehar 1-3
  • Chairs:
     K. Sarica, Istanbul (TR)
     C.C. Seitz, Vienna (AT)
EULIS history and mission: from the founding chair of EULIS
 P.N. Rao, Paphos (CY)
 A. Hoznek, Creteil (FR)
 B. Somani, Southampton (GB)
Live surgery: Mini PNL staghorn
 S. Lahme, Pforzheim (DE)
Live surgery: RIRS Lithovue
 T.R.W. Herrmann, Hanover (DE)
Live surgery: RIRS
 T. Knoll, Sindelfingen (DE)
Live surgery: Super mini PCNL
 T.R.W. Herrmann, Hanover (DE)