Scientific basis for understanding stone formation

Thematic session 01

  • Location:
    Lehar 4
  • Chairs:
     A. Rodgers, Cape Town (ZA)
     R. Siener, Bonn (DE)
The ‘newest kid on the block’: SLC26a1
 J. Halbritter, Leipzig (DE)
Macromolecules: The adhesive glue between crystals
 P.M. Ferraro, Rome (IT)
The role of intestinal oxalate transport in hyperoxaluria

To be confirmed

Do “inhibitors of crystallisation” play any role in the prevention of kidney stones?
 W. Robertson, Oxford (GB)
Monogenic causes in patients with nephrolithiasis and nephrocalcinosis
 J. Halbritter, Leipzig (DE)
Physicochemical mechanisms of stone formation
 A. Rodgers, Cape Town (ZA)