Stone physiology

Thematic session 06

  • Location:
    Lehar 4
  • Chairs:
     N.N-P. Buchholz, Dubai (AE)
     R.J. Unwin, London (GB)
Lifeline of stone-formation
 D.J. Kok, Rotterdam (NL)
Uric acid stones: Epidemiology and risk factors
 A. Trinchieri, Lecco (IT)
What`s new in calcium pathophysiology
 S. Moochhala, London (GB)
Idiopathic and secondary hyperoxaluria
 R. Siener, Bonn (DE)
Formation of plaques and their contribution to stone formation
 W.L. Strohmaier, Coburg (DE)
What does the crystallography of stones tell us about their formation?
 S. Choong, London (GB)